About Us

Our Mission

Dunross Capital will own and operate great apartment communities that sets the new standard for “best in class” for the workforce housing, student and retiree market.

About Us

We are a team of professionals that have extensive real estate and business experience from acquisitions, operations, marketing, construction, leasing and capital markets.

Our goal is to co-invest and align ourselves with our Partners who co- own the Property. We also are vertically integrated and complete our own construction and property management all dedicated to our common vision.

We also work with other sponsors and can co-invest and assume much of the capital and operational responsibility. We ensure successful results by combining the local knowledge of the sponsor along with our expertise in capital markets and operations.

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Our team

We have a great team of professionals that share the common vision of the firm.

Senior Leadership

Michael Crow

CEO & Founder

Kevin Barry

Chief Financial Officer

Henry Burkhalter

Chief Administrative Officer

Simon Leach

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Brown

Director of Acquisitions

Duncan Crow


Sponsors & Partners

We actively seek and work with local sponsors on property acquisitions and operations. We will act as a co GP, and provide the capital and debt if needed. Our property management and construction management teams will assist in providing great service and results on each property going through upgrade and stabilization.

Our co- sponsors have over 15,000 units collectively under ownership and are great resource and partner as we grow our business in our business model.

OUR Business Model

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Sourcing the Deal

The process starts with sourcing a deal. We have an extensive network of brokers, lawyers, and agents that seek properties which meet our criteria. In the markets we target, we will complete acquisitions from 75-500 units per property that are from low to high occupancy, and from low to high level of construction and property condition.

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Negotiate & Partner Selection

We find and negotiate a deal and then proceed with due diligence. At the same time, we start the loan and equity process to select our partners. We have the in-house capability and capital to fully complete all acquisitions and financing through close.

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Closing & Construction

After the close we start construction and upgrade the property. We also start the management process, tenant evaluation, and turnover process which is normal for these properties. After 12-18 months the property will be stabilized and we then can refinance the property and often, roll our equity into the next deal.

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Generating Returns for our Partners

Our goal is to achieve 10,000 units and $ 1 billion ( AUM) of Assets under Managment /Ownership while generating excellent returns to our partners providing excellent value to our tenants.

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